How do you use a two wheel dolly?

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Using a two-wheel dolly allows you to lift the front tires off the ground and have the dolly bear the weight of the entire vehicle. It is commonly used in automotive repair shops and for emergency vehicle recovery, providing a convenient way to move vehicles to different positions.


To use a two-wheel dolly, follow these steps:

1. Unfold the folding car dolly from its storage position. Extend the dolly tongue and secure it with the main pin and safety clip. Place the ramp and lock it into position using the spring lock located near the ramp.

2. Attach the dolly to your vehicle using a two-inch ball hitch. Secure the safety chains and emergency breakaway cable to the hitch. Connect the flat four-wire harness (use an adapter if needed).

3. The folding car dolly is equipped with a tilting loading ramp, making the loading and unloading process easy.

4. To tilt the ramp downward, remove the tilt pin and safety ring located at the center of the dolly. Tilt or step on the ramp to lower it. Once the loading ramp is lowered, slowly drive the vehicle onto the dolly. It's advisable to have someone guide you to ensure that the vehicle is centered on the dolly. Once the wheels are on the dolly, the weight of the vehicle will return the tilting mechanism to its original position. Insert the safety ring and pin back into place.

5. To secure the vehicle onto the dolly, use the provided adjustable wheel straps. Insert the J-hook into the slot closest to the center of the tire, loop the strap around the tire, and tighten it down using a 1/8-inch wrench. Place the self-locking safety chains onto the structural points of the vehicle.

6. Before driving, ensure that the steering wheel is locked in place and release the parking brake. The dolly has a pivot plate for maneuvering the vehicle, so the steering wheel should always be locked or secured, keeping the wheels straight.

To unload the towed vehicle:

1. Ensure that the RV, mobile home, or car is on level ground. Parking on a level surface is important.

2. Rotate the winch nut forward using a wrench to secure the locking rod to the back of the winch, then release it until the strap becomes loose.

3. Remove the wheel straps and safety chains.

4. Release the main tilt-down pin and collar.

5. Drive away and store your folding Stow N Go car dolly.

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