What size floor jack should I buy?

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There are more and more floor jacks on the market for cars and sedans, when you don't know how to choose, take a look at this article will bring you the answer, there are a lot of sizes of floor jacks, we need to pick carefully in order to find the right one. The size of the jack is usually measured in tons (ton), 1 ton is approximately equal to 2000 pounds. Therefore, jack sizes are usually 2 tons, 3 tons, or even larger. Choosing the correct size jack is critical to safely lifting and servicing your vehicle.


What you need to consider?

You need to consider the weight of the vehicle you typically need to lift. An average car usually requires a 2-ton to 3-ton jack, while a larger SUV or truck may require a larger jack, such as 3.5 tons or larger. Therefore, you need to determine the types of vehicles you'll be dealing with on a regular basis, as well as their weight ranges.


You need to consider the height range of the jack. Some jacks are designed for lower vehicles, while others are suitable for higher vehicles. If you often need to work on lower vehicles, such as small sedans or sports cars, you may need to choose a jack that can work at a lower height. Conversely, if you often need to work on taller vehicles, such as SUVs or trucks, you'll need to choose a jack that can work at a higher height.



You need to consider the stability and ease of use of the jack. Some jacks are designed to be more stable, with larger bases and wider supports, which makes them safer and more reliable when lifting vehicles. Other jacks may have a portable design that is better suited for situations where they need to be moved and carried.

To summarize.

Choosing the right jack for your needs requires considering factors such as vehicle weight, height range, and stability and convenience. It's best to do some research on the vehicles you commonly use before purchasing a jack to ensure you choose the right size and style. Hopefully, this information will help you make an informed buying decision. Generally, a two-ton jack is sufficient for most cars and automobiles.A 2-ton jack has a capacity of 4,000 pounds.


Do floor jacks require maintenance?

Floor jacks require regular maintenance. Regardless of the brand and goodness you use, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions for regular inspection and replacement of parts. After frequent use, the pumping action of a floor jack gets into the hydraulic piston over time.

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