Introduction to the Wheel Dolly

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A wheel dolly is a tool used to move and transport heavy is through a combination of wheels and tires. It can be easy to move the vehicle’s place to any place. wheel dolly commonly used for vehicle maintenance, management of park, and other situations where a vehicle needs to be moved. It is needed in a wide range. It can help humans easy to move any type of vehicle, Decreasing labor costs and transportation risks.


Types of wheel dolly

1. Hydraulic wheel dolly: using hydraulic systems to provide power, It has a large load-bearing capacity and stability. It applies to moving heavy vehicles.

2. Manual wheel dolly: Moving vehicle by manual operation, simple structure. Suitable for lighter vehicles and short-distance movement.

3. Adjustable wheel dolly: with height adjustment function, applicable to vehicles of different heights, improving the flexibility and applicability of use.


Features and components

The main components of a wheel dolly include wheels and tires, frame and support, handle, and control mechanism. The quality and material of the wheels and tires determine the load-bearing capacity and service life of the wheel dolly, the frame and support structure determine the stability of the vehicle's fixation, and the handle and control mechanism affect the comfort and flexibility of operation.

Advantages and benefits

The advantages of wheel dolly are mainly easy transportation, damage prevention, and versatile flexibility. It helps the user to move heavy vehicles easily, avoiding the difficulties and risks of manual handling, and at the same time effectively preventing damage to the vehicle during movement. Different types of wheel dollies also have their characteristics, such as hydraulic wheel dollies with strong load-bearing capacity, manual wheel dollies with easy operation, and adjustable wheel dollies with wide applicability, which meets the needs of different occasions.

How to use wheel dolly

When using a wheel dolly, you need to prepare the vehicle and wheel dolly first and make sure they are in good condition. Then position the wheel dolly underneath the vehicle and securely fasten the vehicle to the wheel dolly with the fixing device to ensure safe movement.

Maintenance and safety tips

To ensure the performance and safety of the wheel dolly, you need to check and clean the wheel dolly regularly to keep its parts in good condition. Also, you need to pay attention to the safety norms when using the wheel dolly and avoid using the wheel dolly in unsafe environments or conditions that may cause personal and property damage.


A wheel dolly is a very useful tool that helps people to move and transport heavy vehicles easily. Choosing the right wheel dolly can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of damage during transportation. When using a wheel dolly, it is important to pay attention to the safety norms and regularly check and maintain the wheel dolly to ensure its performance and safety. Through reasonable use and maintenance, a wheel dolly can become a powerful assistant in the process of vehicle maintenance and transportation.

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