50 Ton Air Hydraulic Jack LT-PJ22002

Product Category:Air Jack

Technical parameters

Lituo produces a 50-ton Air Hydraulic Jack. Its maximum load capacity reaches 50 tons, with a minimum lifting height of 10.5 feet and a maximum lifting height of 18 feet. Our air hydraulic jacks manufactured are capable of lifting automobiles, trucks, commercial vehicles, and various heavy-duty equipment requiring maintenance. Our products are designed for multiple reuse, have a long lifespan, are convenient for transportation, easy to carry, and highly mobile. At Lituo, we pride ourselves on producing some of the best products in the world.

Operating MethodManual/Hydraulic
Lifting Capacity (Tons)30
Height Adjustment2-3/4"
Minimum Height9-1/2"
Maximum Height16 inches
Lifting Height5-1/2"
Air Rubber Hose Length36"
Air Valve and Inlet1/8" X 18 NPT
Working Pressure100-180 PSI
Maximum Pressure200 PSI

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