Air Bag Jack Manufacturers LT-D1050

Product Category:Air Jack

Technical parameters

Product Name: air Bag Jack LT-D1050

Brand: Lituo

Model: LT-D1050

Product Introduction:

The air bag jack LT-D1050 utilizes compressed air as its power source. It is suitable for various scenarios such as automotive maintenance, emergency rescue, and industrial applications. Our product allows for lifting and lowering objects by inflating and deflating using compressed air. It possesses a strong load-bearing capacity, capable of handling weights of up to 50 tons. Additionally, it is compact and lightweight, weighing only 32 kilograms.

ModelCapacity(ton)Min.Height (mm)Max.Height (mm)Lifting Height (mm)N.W./G.W.(kg)Package Size (mm)QTY/CTN (PCS)
Air Jack LT-D1005Air Jack LT-D1012Air bumper jack LT-AJ2500

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